End of life

Landscape with Charon crossing the Styx, circa 1520, Joachim Patinir

Care and precision

Upon death
In the immediate aftermath of a death, it is important that a doctor be called to confirm the passing on of the deceased. If death occurs in a hospital or other medical facility then the staff will do this for you. The body may be treated once the doctor has completed his work.

You can call me whenever you feel ready to do so. This can be immediately after the doctor leaves or at a later point in time. I will then come directly to you in order to make all of the necessary preparations, including the laying out of the body.

Our first meeting
There are many aspects that need to be dealt with at our first meeting. A number of these are given top priority: burial or cremation? Where and when? A bereavement card or an obituary in the newspaper? What are the costs, and did the deceased have a funeral insurance?

Other matters (programme for the day of the service, means of transport, catering, book of condolence) can be attended to at a later stage. The focus of the first meeting is primarily on discussing the more personal aspects of the final journey of the deceased.

After our first meeting
In the days that follow I will maintain regular contact with you via the telephone or
e-mail, or by dropping by to discuss the arrangements in more detail.

The process of setting sail requires a lot of work and a steady hand. I will be there to help you steer a true course.